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Why Saunex
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U.S. Health Equipment Co., Inc., manufacturers of Saunex, is located in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Kingston, New York. President Bernarr C. Schaeffer’s extensive design and manufacturing experience began over four decades ago, as V.P. of Battle Creek Equip. Co., a health equipment manufacturer, and producer of steam cabinets. At that time he also experienced the first infrared sauna ever built — John Harvey Kellogg's Electric Light Cabinet. Bernarr's desire to give people a "safe, effective, drug-free" aid for improving their health, led him to designing and producing, in his words, "the best sauna in the world."

His son, Wayne Schaeffer, Vice President of U.S. Health Equipment Co., Inc. contributed his 20+ years of design and manufacturing experience to the research and development of the Saunex sauna.

James Schaeffer, also Bernarr's son, and head engineer on the design team, contributed his knowledge to the research and design of the Saunex sauna. James, an award-winning Clarkson University graduate, earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Design, Craftsmanship, and Quality

The Saunex sauna’s futuristic shape arose from the tried-and-true methodology of having the form follow the function. The design process started with a computer model of a 3-D man, then the cabinet was “built” around the “man” in computer space, positioning the wall-mounted heaters close to the body for optimum efficiency. The cabinet allows for the head to be outside the heated area for comfort (breathe cool air), convenience (watch TV or the kids), and to eliminate breathing sweat vapor -- which might be counterproductive for detoxification. The designers spent several years researching, prototyping and refining the product – all with the goal of creating the best personal sauna possible.

The Saunex sauna is constructed of strong, non-porous, thermo-plastic, and stainless steel hardware. It is easy to clean and sanitize. All components were chosen for their chemical and physical stability. No adhesives are used.

The cabinet comfortably accommodates one person and features a height adjustable seat and a destratification fan to maintain a uniform user-set temperature. (No cold spots).

See the Saunex Sauna for more detailed information on features and benefits.

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Q? With the highest temperature setting only going to 130° F, will I be warm enough to sweat?
The radiant energy of far-infrared penetrates up to 1.5" beneath the skin thereby raising the core temperature of the body and surprisingly, causes more sweating than traditional saunas, even at lower temperatures.

Q? To what temperature should I set the Saunex sauna?
For your first sauna sessions the temperature should be set at the lowest settings, and gradually increase the temperature a few degrees from one session to the next, after allowing your body to adjust to the sauna experience. Many people enjoy taking a sauna in the Saunex unit at low temperatures, as they can relax in a longer sauna and still achieve the benefit of sweating.

Q? How long should I stay in the Saunex sauna?
You should begin taking saunas for short periods of time (5–10 minutes) and gradually increase the length of your sessions. Listen to your body. If you feel the need to end your sauna session, then do.

Q? How does infrared heat the body?
Infrared heat is exactly the same as the heat you feel from a woodstove or any other warm surface. It is energy that is transferred through space, like light, that increases the rate of vibration of molecules it impacts. This increase in rate of vibration is what we mean technically when we say “increase in temperature.” The increase in vibration rate both triggers the sweating mechanism and facilitates circulation of blood and lymph fluid.

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Q? Why choose a Saunex far-infrared sauna cabinet?
There are several important reasons for choosing a Saunex Sauna. The first is the benefits of far-infrared heating and the added technology of greatly reduced EMF over other saunas on the market today. Your head being out of the cabinet is another added benefit for many people, as well as the portability and ease of cleaning. Reasonably priced, it is an asset to any health conscious person.

Q? How long does the Saunex sauna take to warm up?
The heaters typically get to full temperature in 5-10 minutes. For a hotter sauna it takes about 20–25 minutes to warm up the cabinet.

Q? What is EMF, and how has Saunex trumped the competition regarding it?
Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are produced by electrical currents running through wires in buildings and circuits in appliances. Saunex patented EMF-reduction technology reduces EMF coming from the heaters by 95%. In addition, we install a high grade EMF shield around the electronic controller to reduce EMF from that source.

Q? Why were plastics and stainless steel used in the design of the Saunex sauna?
The components of the Saunex cabinet were chosen for their chemical and physical stability and for ease of cleaning. Unlike wood, the cabinet is impervious to rot, will not support mold or fungus growth, and will not absorb toxins or odors.

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