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Around the world, people have used various forms of "saunas" for thousands of years, to detoxify, relieve pain and stress, to treat various illnesses and even for spiritual purposes.

Far-infrared saunas increase the body's temperature enabling the body to eliminate harmful toxins through a deeper sweat. Hot rock/steam saunas can be unbearably hot and dont heat the body inside like infrared does. Breathing is often difficult in the steam-heated air of a traditional sauna. Far-infrared saunas provide dry heat which can be ventilated, increasing comfort and relaxation.

What is Infrared

Infrared heat, like visible light, is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared heater technology uses far-infrared rays to heat the body directly, as opposed to heating the air. A far-infrared sauna is similar to sunbathing or sitting next to a woodstove, where you feel the radiant heat penetrate your skin with natural warmth. But unlike sunbathing, there is no ultraviolet exposure.

  • Far-infrared heats the body directly, not the air, allowing the body to absorb most of the infrared energy.
  • Far-infrared heat penetrates the body to 1.5" deep, promoting circulation internally as well as in superficial tissues.
  • Deep heating propels your body's perspiration mechanism and allows profuse sweating at much lower temperatures (100F to 130F) than traditional saunas (up to 200 F).
  • Far-infrared's deep heating may induce 23 times more sweat, in a comparable session, than a conventional sauna; increasing the detoxification process in the body, stimulating circulation and speeding up metabolism.
  • Far-infrared's useful range is approximately 5 microns to 10 microns. According to many sources, the optimum health benefits are achieved when the wavelength centers between 7 and 9 microns exactly the wavelength the Saunex heaters emit.
  • Far infrared mobilizes and removes more toxins than hot air or steam saunas. In one study, sweat from people using an infrared sauna had 5 times the quantity of non-water content (toxins) as the sweat from people using a steam sauna. This is probably accounted for by the internal heating and stimulation that infrared accomplishes but that hot air cannot.

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Advantages of Infrared

A far-infrared sauna's great advantage is the low temperature at which a body can sweat. Some of the stress and discomfort of hot air sauna is alleviated by using an infrared sauna, making infrared a good choice for those sensitive to over-heating. Used properly, a longer sauna session can be enjoyed without feeling uncomfortably hot, thereby providing the health benefits of a thorough and deep sweat.

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