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I have pesticide poisoning and it's given me a host of chemical sensitivities. Under a doctor-ordered program, I'm trying to eliminate the toxins in my system. Central to this multi-pronged program are regular far-infrared sauna sessions to sweat out toxins. I got the Saunex because it allowed me to avoid re-breathing hot, sweat laden air that contains the toxins I'm eliminating. The Saunex head-out-of-the-sweating-area feature, works for me. I could afford it, and I love it. After only a couple weeks of use, I feel well enough to resume my exercise program.

Andi, CA

Every time I use my Saunex, I mean to call you to say "thank you." It's really a great addition to my house, providing hours of pure pleasure, as well as health benefits.

Every so often, I used to have trouble sleeping, but no more. I discovered that after a Saunex session and a hot shower, I'm fast asleep in minutes.

Allen Z., New Paltz, NY

Hi Jim,

Nice to hear from you. Many times I have meant to write you, but you know how that goes.

I think of you and your Dad often -- with pleasant thoughts of course. You were both so kind, considerate and thoughtful in showing my husband and myself around and explaining your product; answering all of our questions and concerns. That was a factor in our decision to purchase your product as well. I am so grateful to both you and your dad for using your life to help and enhance the lives of other people.

I love, love, love my Saunex.. I have used it pretty much every day since you delivered it, it has helped me tremendously in my efforts to restore my health, and to minimize and/or eliminate chronic health issues I was dealing with. My husband is using it on a more regular basis after noticing the results I have been getting.

My only regret is that I didn't purchase it much sooner...

Be Well and enjoy,
Brenda , West Park, NY

The Saunex is a neat little package. Easy to use and understand.
Joe, a 65-year-old member of our community who suffers from chronic arthritis and knee problems, is able to now sleep without being nagged with pain. In addition, he has lost 8 pounds, possibly due to his new sense of well being. Thanks for the Saunex.

Carl M., The Bruderhof, Rifton, NY

I was impressed with Jim Schaeffer’s openness, friendliness, patience, and thorough explanations, which impressed us and gave us the information we needed before buying the Sauna.

It takes a few days to get used to this new experience. Once you find out the best way for you to use the Sauna you start to really enjoy it. I like the simple and easy use of the sauna, its compact size, and the fact that the head is kept outside the Sauna during the sauna session so that you do not breathe back the hot, sweaty air with the toxins that you want to get rid of from the body.

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While in the Sauna I can read, watch TV, or even meditate or relax. I noticed the calming and relaxing affect that engulfs me after I shower and lay in bed following the Sauna session. I would recommend to every one, not just to sick people, to get the Sauna and benefit from this great health-enhancing tool. Using the Sauna will give you the opportunity of internal cleansing with all the benefits of improving or maintaining your overall health.

Dina, Waltham, MA

After reading the book, "Detoxify of Die," by Dr. Sherry Rogers, and researching the subject for myself, I was really convinced that the FIR sauna was just what we needed. I wanted something compact, to fit into a small space, plus I wanted my head out so I could breathe fresh air. The Saunex just fit my needs.

Before taking sauna baths I was very sensitive to airborne pollen from the Brittle Brush flowers, which are seasonal here. After only about two or three weeks of daily sauna, when exposed to easily ten times the Brittle Brush that I had ever seen before, I didn't experience any of the allergic symptoms that I had previously. I was very surprised, and pleased, needless to say.

I seldom catch a cold but recently knew I was coming down with one. I immediately hit the sauna and the cold never did materialize. I'm still convinced the FIR sauna is the way to go. Thanks for a great product!

Don, Rodeo, NM

Dear Jim,

The sauna has performed flawlessly and I'm pleased with it on many levels. When I first purchased the unit, I had no idea about temperature or length of time that would be best. After getting rid of preconceived ideas and some experimentation, I've found a temperature range and duration that works well for me. I've found that a one or two degree temperature difference can mean a pleasurable or barely tolerable session. Fortunately, the Saunex is highly and easily adjustable to these situations. Also, far infrared sauna is good for removing other types of toxins beside mercury detoxification, for which it was originally purchased.

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In summary, I'm pleased with my Saunex because it is highly and easily adjustable, adaptable to many types of detoxification protocols, backed by a technical staff and manufacturing facility, which can handle any type of repair or malfunction, and it has always worked perfectly.

Jim, thank you for a well-designed and constructed sauna. I highly recommend the Saunex to my friends.

Neal, Panama City, FL

In my quest for natural ways of treating breast cancer, the Saunex was one of the answers. Since sweating was difficult for me, I didn't have that venue available for eliminating toxins. The Saunex made quick change of that! It helps in the fast elimination of toxins through the skin and seems to greatly assist the kidneys and liver.

The Saunex has augmented every detoxification program I have tried. I think every household should have one. My whole family, as well as many of our friends, love it.

Niessen, Clintondale, NY

I have used the Saunex sauna twice a day since purchasing it. The purpose for buying this sauna was to help me detox and heal after a long bout with an autoimmune disease, which was aggravated by environmental toxins. The sauna was an important part of a life-style change. My Doctor says only two percent of patients recover from this disease. Praise God, I am in that two percent!

My husband also enjoys the relaxing effects of the sauna while listening to his favorite radio station. Thank you for designing such a high quality, easily maintained infrared sauna.

Rebecca, Tulsa, OK

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Medical/Care Giver Professionals

I am extremely pleased with the Far Infrared Sauna and have been incorporating it as a part of my patient detoxification protocol.

As one facet of my personal maintenance schedule, I plan to take a sauna in it at least once a week. The most frequent comment we hear from patients having completed a sauna session is that they have an enhanced sense of well-being. I am looking forward to the release of Dr. Nenah Sylver's new book on sauna therapy in the hope I will learn additional protocols to incorporate into my practice at the Longevity institute.

Arthur J. Sumrall, M.D, Longevity Institute of Indiana

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