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Saunex is the best personal, portable sauna available. You will experience the most relaxing, rejuvenating and luxurious experience you can have  naturally.
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Whether you have a health or wellness goal or just want to enjoy a relaxing spa experience, the Saunex far infrared (FIR) sauna helps the body detoxify, relax, lose weight, and leaves your skin with a healthy glow making you look better and feel revitalized all in the comfort of your own home.

  • Clinically proven health benefits
  • More effective detoxification with deep penetrating infrared heating
  • Patented safe-to-the-touch ultra-low EMF heaters
  • No set-up: simply plug in and sweat
  • Breathe cool room air with your head outside of the cabinet
  • Hygienic materials and construction make it easy to clean thoroughly
  • Unparalleled evenness of heating and comfort
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